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Are you struggling to keep up with your back tax debt for multiple years? Do you owe thousands in back taxes to the IRS? If so, contact our featured tax attorneys in Pinole CA to see how you can start resolving your tax problems today. Whether you want to avoid wage garnishment, remove a lien, or even stop IRS seizure - your Pinole CA tax attorney can help you resolve any of these tax problems & more. If you are an independent contractor or small business owner who is worried about your business failing because of IRS collection enforcement, get the expert legal help you need to get your business back on track. Your Pinole CA tax attorney can help you resolve payroll tax problems, deduction problems, or any audit concerns.

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If you are like one of the many thousands of Americans struggling with back tax debt, you may be worried the IRS is going to garnish your wages, seize your bank accounts, or place a lien on your home. You can avoid any of these negative consequences by reaching out to your Pinole CA tax attorney today. Pinole CA tax lawyers specialize in helping individuals & businesses solve complex tax problems that stem from years of unfiled taxes & thousands owed in back taxes. File your late returns & resolve your back tax debt with a payment plan, installment agreement, or settlement plan. Pinole CA tax attorneys can help with liens, levies, wage garnishment, payroll tax problems, deduction problems, audits, innocent spouse, & more. So don't wait to resolve any personal or business tax problem, call your Pinole CA tax attorney today.

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Pinole CA tax attorneys understand that each persons situation is different & each tax settlement plan is unique. If you are not sure which tax resolution plan is best for you, call your Pinole CA tax lawyer to learn about the various options you have. The IRS offers several tax settlement plans for taxpayers who cannot afford to pay the full amount of their back tax debt. In some situations the IRS will forgive some of your back tax debt or even greatly reduce the amount owed. Your Pinole CA tax attorney will help you determine which tax settlement plan is best for you, whether it be a monthly installment agreement, Offer in Compromise, or "currently not collectible" status. The type of settlement plan you qualify for will depend on your ability / inability to pay what you owe. Find out which tax resolution plan will help you get back in compliance, call your Pinole CA tax attorney today.

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